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Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood
June 2nd 2012
Hollywood, CA

Autumn Twilights is a 5-member hip-hop and rock-infused band that hails from Los Angeles. The group was originally co-founded in 2008 by Phil Galanty, (vocalist, producer, songwriter) and Scott Shryack (lead guitarist, songwriter). The two immediately began writing and performing together and decided that their ultimate vision would include putting a full band together. The partnership was soon tested however, when Scott, a soldier in the military, was deployed to both Afghanistan and Iraq. Throughout Scott’s two tours, Phil and Scott remained a songwriting team—sending songs back and forth over the Internet. By the time Scott was released from the army, he and Phil had a full library of songs. The duo wasted no time in beginning to search for other band members to help make their dream come alive. The two were soon introduced to the very talented drummer, Danny DeLeon, who had already established himself in the ranks of the Southern California music community. Phil and Scott were sure that Danny would be a perfect addition to the band. Next, in January of 2011, the stars continued to align for Autumn Twilights. Talented lyricist/producer, Mike Connell were added to the group. Last but not least, the band was looking for a female vocalist. They reached out to Arielle Worona, an extremely talented up-and-coming singer/songwriter in the Los Angeles music scene with a heavy background in musical theater. The new group clicked instantly as songwriting and musical soul mates.

From there, Autumn Twilights took their music in a bold, innovative direction. They added a great deal of depth, and melody to their tunes, thickened their arrangements, and always ensured that they used positive, intricate lyrics that would pull their listeners in. Today, the band continues to throw itself on the cutting edge of sound. Autumn Twilights aspire to be a breath of fresh air in music, and seek to create a passionate and thought-provoking songwriting spirit that will be able to stand the test of time. For the last 6 months, Autumn Twilights has been entertaining crowds all over Southern California, and have played in such venues on the Sunset Strip as The Roxy and Viper Room. Most recently, they have received tons of positive feedback on their new album, “Release Me”, which dropped on June 21st, 2011. “Release Me” showcases Autumn Twilights’ bold, new, innovative sound and demonstrates how well the band breaks down musical barriers. Simay Sen of Global says, "It would be an underestimation to call Autumn Twilight’s music just a combination of hip hop and rock. What they have is more than a fusion of genres. It’s a refreshing, eclectic harmony of sounds and lyrics. They truly amaze their listeners with the unique atmosphere they've created." Phil Galanty explains that this is just what the band set out to do: “In writing, we didn’t have any specific genre on our minds. We were just thinking of great songs, great music. We didn't want to convey ‘our style is this, or our rhymes are like that.’ We just wanted to make classic tracks with memorable hooks that could stand the test of time. We couldn’t be more excited about how the album turned out.”

 As for next steps, Autumn Twilights is booked to headline multiple venues, festivals, and other special events across southern California this summer. In addition to maintaining their growing fan-base in this region, the band intends to embark on a nationwide tour this fall. In addition to live performances, Autumn Twilights is also setting its sights on securing TV &Film placements in the near future. The band could not be more excited to have the opportunity to show the world what they have to say. 

Phil Galanty
Arielle Worona
Danny DeLeon
Mike Connell
Scott Shryack

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